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Time ago I write about FreeStation. I start working hardly 11 months ago for deliver as my final career project to graduate as computer science engineer in Spain. I am very happy with the result and the development, because I learn a lot in the process and I get a calification of 9.5 over 10 points the last September 14th.

I use a lot free software in this development. As result I’m on moral obligation of release all my code as free software too. For me, it is a pleasure contribute to spread knowledge with free software. I choose AGPLv3 license for code and GNU FDL for documentation.

All the source code and documentation is uploaded in my GitHub account. There are three different parts:

All comments are welcome. I accept patches and contributions. I expect keep developing new features and if some organization or person wants use it. Also, I am available to hire as freelance for develop new customized code or adapt FreeStation or other software to your personal needs.

In the other hand, if you learn something useful from my code or you are using my code in your projects, etc, maybe you want to consider invite me with a beer 😉

 Now it is time that I keep working hard and demostrate my skills to the world.

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