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Visualizar cambios en normativas de proyectos, de forma geek

Hace tiempo que termine mi proyecto de fin de carrera y para documentarlo en su día tuve que seguir una normativa de proyectos de fin de carrera definida por la Escuela de Informática de Ciudad Real (UCLM). proyectos geek Esta normativa estaba escrita con normas de 2007 y hasta no hace pocos días no se ha publicado una nueva normativa. Aunque ya no tengo la necesidad de leerla para hacer un nuevo pfc, si me ha surgido la curiosidad de cuales son los cambios que realmente se Leer más [...]

FreeStation source code release

Time ago I write about FreeStation. I start working hardly 11 months ago for deliver as my final career project to graduate as computer science engineer in Spain. I am very happy with the result and the development, because I learn a lot in the process and I get a calification of 9.5 over 10 points the last September 14th. I use a lot free software in this development. As result I'm on moral obligation of release all my code as free software too. For me, it is a pleasure contribute to spread Leer más [...]

FreeStation: a little sneak peek

Several months have passed since I wrote about Freestation. I would like show some advances and write about my dissertation project that I hope to finish for the 2th June as last day for deadline on this course. An introduction reminder FreeStation is a program built for help to distribute easy and reliable software and information on point of interest (POI). Basically, a POI is huge device that you can find on universities, libraries, hospitals, police stations, train stations, etc. For Leer más [...]