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FreeStation source code release

Time ago I write about FreeStation. I start working hardly 11 months ago for deliver as my final career project to graduate as computer science engineer in Spain. I am very happy with the result and the development, because I learn a lot in the process and I get a calification of 9.5 over 10 points the last September 14th. I use a lot free software in this development. As result I'm on moral obligation of release all my code as free software too. For me, it is a pleasure contribute to spread Leer más [...]

FreeStation: a little sneak peek

Several months have passed since I wrote about Freestation. I would like show some advances and write about my dissertation project that I hope to finish for the 2th June as last day for deadline on this course. An introduction reminder FreeStation is a program built for help to distribute easy and reliable software and information on point of interest (POI). Basically, a POI is huge device that you can find on universities, libraries, hospitals, police stations, train stations, etc. For Leer más [...]

Free Station: plataforma para el desarrollo de sistemas de distribución de software libre en puntos de información

Free Station o “Librenería“ es el software cliente y servidor que pretendo desarrollar como mi Proyecto de Fin de Carrera (PFC) en la UCLM bajo la dirección de mi director de proyecto Carlos González Morcillo La librenería o FreeStation (en adelante FS) es un software para centros o puntos de acceso de distribución de información de software libre orientado a centros de enseñanza y universidades. Estructura del sistema El sistema estará compuesto por un armario de diseño con Leer más [...]