Auto channel updater for Tivion

I am working on the next version of Tivion (called Nepiron), that for the moment it’s a bugfix release with some interesting features.

The release is dated for some months ago, but I am a little busy with the homework from university, participating on new CULS5 (with a new project, still unrevealed), developing my own game with my friends, collaborating as main developer on some open source projects and managing my own hosting company. So patience, I am working on my spare time (mostly on lately night, when the normal people sleep).

On previous nights, I worked on real support for maverick release on Ubuntu (it works on development version, but need a .deb binary), add/modify some channels, and the most important feature, doing a auto channel updater for Tivion.

On previous releases, I update the list channel each time, but honestly my releases are not very often. So I get some emails requesting updates for channels, or making a automatic updater.

That’s was easy with Python, I use the bazaar repository with the last url commited. Then, I get the last channels commited when I want, for release only the new channels at time. So, Tivion only check the url with a timestamp (Unix formatted date) and if the timestamp is more recent, just grab the new channels.

If you get the development version of Tivion, each time that you start Tivion, you get the last list of channels avaliable. But not all it’s party. I still need refresh the channels on the GUI, show a popup notification or make a option on preferences for enable/disable the auto channel updater, manual updater (some ideas more are welcome).

So stay tuned for updates, the fun is coming!

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